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Computer Engineering

Course- Graduate Diploma in computer Engineering (GDCE)

Objective- The three years distance learning Graduate diploma in computer engineering (GDCE),is conducted by the IBME Delhi ,has been designed for meeting the growing needs of experts in the field of computer engg.orcale 9i,c++ etc.

Eligibility- +2 with experience


Year 1

*Computer Networks
*Software Engineering

Year II
*Oracle 9i
*Computer Graphics
*Operating Systems Part-III
*Visual Basic 6
Year III
*Systems Part-III
*Operating Systems
*Java 2
* C++
*Visual Basic 6
Program Fees-
1st year- 7,959/-
2nd year- 7,333/-
3rd year- 7,333/-
Total Program fees-22,625/-
Duration(regular/fast track)-3year/1 year
Course- Bachelor in computer engineering (B.E)

Objective- The four years distance learning bachelor in electronics & communication engineering (B.E),is conducted by the IBME Delhi ,has been designed for meeting the growing needs of experts in the field of computer engg. , Multimedia etc.

Eligibility- +2 with work experience


Semester I

Course Title
*Engineering Maths-1
*Engineering Physics-1
*Computer Fundamentals
*Computer Programming With C
*Office Automation Lab
*Computer Programming With C Lab

Semester II
Course Title
*Engineering Maths-2 (Introduction to Statics and Numerical Methods)
*Data Structure Using C
*Computer Organization and Architecture
*Database Management System
*Data Structure Lab
Semester III
Course Title
*Math-3 (Discrete Maths)
*OOPS using C++
*System Analysis and Design
*Communication skills
*Numerical Methods Lab
*OOPS and C++ Lab
Semester IV
Course Title
*Operating systems
*Data communication (Computer Networks)
*Computer Graphics
*Java Programming
*Graphics Lab
*Java Lab
Semester V
Course Title
*Object Oriental Analysis and Design
*Unix and Shell programming
*Software Engineering
*Algorithms and Analysis
*Algorithm Lab
Semester VI
Course Title
*System Simulation and Modeling
*Linux and Linux Internals
*Operation Research
*Pattern Recognition
*Software Project Management and Quality Testing
*Linux Internals Lab
Semester VII
Course Title
*Mobile Computing
*Internet programming and Web Designing
*Application Programming
*Web Designing Lab
Semester VIII
Course Title
*CRM and SCM
*Network Security
Program Fees
1st Semester- 8,125/-
2nd Semester- 7,500/-
3rd Semester- 7,500/-
4th Semester-  7,500/-
5th Semester- 7,500/-
6th Semester- 7,500/-
7th Semester- 7,500/-
8th Semester- 7,500/-
Total Program fees-45,625/-
Duration(regular/fast track)-4years/1Year
Master in Engineering ( computer) ME

Objective- The two years distance learning Masters in computer engineering,is conducted by the IBME Delhi ,has been designed for meeting the growing needs of experts in the field of oracle 9i, visual basic, etc

Eligibility- BE (with experience)



*Modeling Concurrent Systems
*Computer Architecture and Design
*Computer Organization & AsSemesterbly Language
*Microprocessors Processor Design


*Multiple Core Processor Design
* Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits
* High Performance Integrated Circuits
* Hardware / Software Co-design


* Digital Signal Processing
* VLSI Design Methods
* Sequential Machine Theory
* Digital Circuit Testing


* Computer Aided Design of Digital Systems
* Electrical Engineering
* Algorithms & Data Structure
* Project

Program Fees-
1st Semester- 11,125/-
2nd Semester- 10,500/-
3rd Semester- 10,500/-
4th Semester- 10,500/-
Total Program fees- 42,625/-
Duration(regular/fast track)-2years/6months